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Students will take six courses to perform the W. P. Carey small in property — including four needed upper-division courses, and two courses from eight approved electives in property minor curriculum.

Approved Electives

  • Introduction to Environmental Design
  • Developmental Feasibility Reports
  • Urban Geography
  • Financial Development Thinking
  • Real-estate Land Development
  • Global Urban Systems
  • The Economics of Sustainability
  • Urban and Metropolitan Studies

Needed Upper-Division Courses

  • Real-estate Fundamentals
  • Property Appraisal
  • Real-estate Law
  • Real-estate Investments

Career Possibilities

The actual property minor provides students with an understanding regarding the ways that their unique vital could be built-into the real property business. Though further official certification or licensure can be needed, this small can also prepare students for careers in property sales or brokerage, community organization administration, appraisal, real-estate administration and development, community and/or exclusive land usage preparation, plus real estate portfolio management.

Simple tips to Enroll

The actual estate minor contains 18 credit hours, including 12 hours of required courses and six hours of electives. You can easily enroll in the mandatory or elective upper unit courses required for completion of the real estate minor once you have completed 56 credit hours, including all course requirements, and have fulfilled the minimal 2.50 GPA requirement. All classes should be finished with a grade of “C” or higher. Speak to your advisor to learn more.

The W. P. Carey minor in property is available to existing undergraduate students university-wide. However, course choices the minor in real estate fluctuate by semester. Kindly talk to a W. P. Carey academic consultant to see if you'll be able for you really to finish the true estate minor for the intended graduation date, and also to find out about declaring a small within W. P. Carey School of Business.

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