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A.R.S. § 28-8486, enacted by the 1999 Legislature, states:

    The state property department shall have and also make offered to people on request a chart showing the outside boundaries of each territory near a public airport. The chart shall clearly set forth the boundaries on a street map. Hawaii property division shall work closely with each public airport and affected town as essential to produce a map which aesthetically beneficial in determining whether residential property is found in or outside a territory in the vicinity of a public airport.
    Each general public airport shall capture the map prepared pursuant to subsection an at the office of this county recorder in each county which contains residential property in an area in the vicinity of the public airport. The recorded chart will be enough to notify owners and potential customers of home your property is situated in or outside of a territory in the vicinity of a public airport.
    For the purposes for this part:
      A "public airport" is described as an airport owned by a political subdivision with this condition or that is usually available to the general public.
      "Territory in the vicinity of a public airport" means residential property that's in the traffic structure airspace as defined because of the national aviation administration and includes residential property that experiences a day-night typical sound-level below:
        In counties with a populace of more than five-hundred thousand individuals, sixty decibels or maybe more at airports where these types of an average sound-level is identified in either the airport master policy for the twenty-year planning period or in a noise research ready prior to airport noise compatibility preparation, 14 Code of Federal Regulations component 150.
        In counties with a populace of five-hundred thousand people or less, sixty-five decibels or higher at airports in which such an average sound level has been identified in the airport master arrange for the twenty-year preparation duration.

Two real estate statutes had been also amended.

    A.R.S. § 32-2181(A)(23) was amended to need a subdivider, before subdivided land emerges obtainable or rent, to inform the Commissioner written down on whether all or any portion of the subdivision is situated in area in the vicinity of a public airport as defined above.
    A.R.S. § 32-2195(B)(14) ended up being amended to add equivalent requirement of unsubdivided land.

So as to comply with this statute, the division has contacted 54 Arizona airports which fall inside the statute's meaning. Some of these airports have furnished the Department with aircraft sound contours data; some have furnished what they interpret as traffic design airspace.

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