State of Arizona Licensing

Private Investigator Registration

Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) regulating PI licenses and registrations

Personal Detectives: Title 32, Chapter 24

Which must certanly be signed up

You'll want a valid detective agency Employee subscription certificate if the work meets the meanings in ARS §32-2401-16 (below). This subscription certification is only going to be issued in sponsorship of an Arizona licensed personal investigation agency. The private eye Employee registration certificate is good only while used by the sponsoring Agency. In case your work comes to an end, the Qualifying Party of the agency must get back your enrollment certificate to DPS.

It really is illegal for a personal detective to work in Arizona without an Arizona enrollment certificate. Arizona doesn't have any reciprocity agreements with just about any states.

Until you fall under one of the exemptions in private eye Exemptions (ARS §32-2409), supplying private research solutions without a permit is a course 1 misdemeanor. In addition, a violation of the laws can prevent you from acquiring a license and/or enrollment certification as time goes on.

Appropriate Definition of a personal Detective (ARS §32-2401-16)

16. "private eye" implies someone aside from an insurance coverage adjuster or an on-duty serenity officer as defined in part 1-215 which, for consideration, partcipates in company or accepts employment to:

(a) Furnish, agree to make or make any investigation for the true purpose of acquiring information with reference to:

(i) criminal activity or wrongs done or threatened against the US or any condition or territory of this United States.
(ii) The identity, habits, conduct, movements, whereabouts, affiliations, organizations, deals, reputation or character of any person or band of people.
(iii) The credibility of witnesses or any other persons.
(iv) The whereabouts of lacking individuals, owners of abandoned residential property or escheated residential property or heirs to properties.
(v) the positioning or recovery of lost or stolen property.
(vi) the reasons and origin of, or responsibility for, a fire, libel, slander, a reduction, any sort of accident, damage or an injury to real or private home.
(b) protected evidence to be used before investigating committees or boards of honor or arbitration or in the test of municipal or unlawful cases while the planning therefor.
(c) Investigate threats of physical violence and provide the solution of defense of people from serious bodily damage or death.

Federal Bureau of research fingerprint background check

The candidate's fingerprints may be familiar with look at the criminal background files regarding the FBI. The processes for acquiring a big change, correction, or updating of the criminal record record are established in Title 28, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), part 16.34.

Detective Agency Staff Member

New Hire


  1. Be provided work by a DPS-licensed personal research company. This agency fills from company area and signals the Registration Application.
  2. Perfect and sign the Employee area.
  3. Publish fingerprints.
  4. Publish a passport sized color photograph of the face. Photographs must certanly be 2"x2" or smaller.
  5. Publish proof identification, such a photocopy of driver's license, passport, etc.
  6. Submit $72 money, money purchase, cashier's check or personal examination company check payable to DPS. This addresses the $50 registration certificate cost in addition to $22 FBI fingerprint handling cost. The Licensing device cannot accept individual inspections, credit or debit cards.

Expiration time would be the same as the Agency’s expiration time.

  • Detective agency Employees renew when their particular department renews
  • Renewals is going to be accepted 60 times ahead of the expiration day
  • In the event that renewal is significantly less than 3 months through the expiration time, kindly include a $10 late cost
  • Renewals expired past 90 days won't be acknowledged
  1. The company fills out Employer portion of the Registration Application and a certified individual signs it.
  2. In case the look has changed, then publish a passport sized color photograph of face. Photographs must be 2"x2" or smaller.

Extra Private Investigator Employee licenses

A separate Private Investigator worker subscription certificate is needed for each work

You may possibly are a private detective for as much agencies as you wish. An additional private eye worker registration certificate is required per agency for which you are employed. The detective agency employee enrollment certificate is legitimate just while used by the sponsoring Agency. In case your work comes to an end, you have to surrender your registration certificate to your department.

  • Conclusion time could be the exact same as department called in the registration certificate
  • Fingerprint card isn't needed
  1. Be offered employment by a DPS-licensed exclusive Investigation agency. The company fills out Employer area of the Registration Application and an official individual indications it.
  2. Distribute ten dollars money, money purchase, cashier's check or personal examination company check payable to DPS. The Licensing device cannot accept individual checks, credit or debit cards.

Knowledge and Training required

At the moment, there are not any knowledge or training demands to be an exclusive Investigator worker.

Arizona Division of Public Security

Licensing Device

PO Box 6328, MD 3140

Phoenix, AZ 85005

Mobile: (602) 223-2361

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