Real Estate schools Phoenix

This course explores the methods of real estate investment analysis, including financing, fees, and decision making criteria in the current owning a home environment.

This undergraduate-level training course is 5 weeks. This program can be obtained to or within a degree or certificate system. To enroll, speak with an Enrollment Representative.

Planning & Developing Considerations

  • Explain simple tips to carry out market and feasibility analyses making use of numerous sources.
  • Explain the elements that affect real-estate pricing.
  • Compare and contrast neighborhood and investor land usage preparation.
  • Examine the six phases of the real estate development processes.
  • Apply the thought of time worth of money to the valuation of real estate.

Real Estate Fundamentals

  • Distinguish among several types of real estate.
  • Differentiate between real and economic assets.
  • Compare the types of ownership of real-estate.
  • Describe the influence of supply and need on worth of property.
  • Describe the relationship involving the market while the economic climate.

Investment & Valuation Considerations

  • Ready an estimation of value using the earnings valuation strategy.
  • Compare the 3 valuation approaches.
  • Establish the effect of taxation on price and return on investment.
  • Establish the impact of threat upon worth.
  • Use the Internet and other resources to assess socio-economic and real estate factors that impact risk and return.
  • Explain the steps that professional appraisers utilize for valuation of property.

Financial & Legal Factors

  • Compare the contracts involved in real estate administration and leasing.
  • Identify the appropriate components of mortgages and economic documentation.
  • Compare the benefits and disadvantages of adjustable rate and fixed rate residential mortgages.
  • Classify the different kinds of commercial real-estate financing and their particular programs.

Advertising & Handling Of Real-estate

  • Describe the part of brokerage in real-estate transactions.
  • Assess the part of property in an overall investment profile.
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