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FAQs-Invitation-Homes1what's Invitation Homes?
With almost 50, 000 local rental homes had nationwide, Invitation houses is America’s leader in the single-family home leasing business. We serve 13 of country’s top metro places with several 3, 4 and 5 bed room domiciles in a variety of great communities where you wish stay. All of our houses for rent tend to be expertly managed as they are supported by the energy and stability associated with the leading local rental home company in the nation. Invitation houses is America’s leading owner and manager of beautifully renovated single-family domiciles for rent.

Where tend to be your homes found?
Our domiciles can be found in a number of desirable neighborhoods across 13 of nation’s most popular towns and cities. We homes in great college areas, close to commercial hubs and transportation. We've houses for rental in communities with amenities like areas, pools, walking and cycling trails. Very nearly everywhere you wish to live, Invitation Homes has a beautifully renovated home for rent. Research your perfect residence >

Do you know the benefits of leasing with Invitation houses?
Every Invitation Residence is directly owned by the company, beautifully renovated with high quality materials and cautious craftsmanship, and passes a 250-point high quality assurance assessment if your wanting to relocate. Each house is then expertly managed and serviced by our local staff of trained professionals and licensed technicians.effortless Pay on the web limelight this is supported by the power and stability for the nation’s leader in single-family homes for rental, providing you the house you want together with satisfaction you deserve.

Tend to be your houses renovated before we relocate?
Each household had by Invitation houses is renovated and refreshed by our expert staff and regional certified contractors. You'll find restorations like brand-new paint, floor, countertops, equipment, illumination, bath fixtures and many more. We just use high quality materials by a few of America’s top companies. Licensed contractors install most of these items with careful craftsmanship and each residence passes our high quality assurance evaluation before you move around in.

Just how do I discover a house in which i do want to stay?
We ensure it is easy to find a lovely Invitation Residence for rental. You should use our convenient web site to search by area, neighbor hood, dimensions, and lease. You can get in touch with our regional office by email or phone and connect directly with a representative to look at a property. The data when it comes to city or location in which you like to stay can be acquired regarding the contact page on our web site.

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