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Starring Kelli Bocock-Natale, Richard Lambert, Candice Kogut and Eric Rawski
a gay neighborhood on fire Island, in the early 1980s, provides an unlikely setting for just two right couples, vacationing on house of one’s recently deceased brother, having died from AIDS. Because they celebrate the Fourth-of-July getaway, concerns of their own death, trust, achievements and dissatisfaction overlap as they each face an uncertain future.


Directed by David Lundy with Peter Palmisano

Featuring David Lundy as Harry S. Truman

This interesting crisis of the Truman White home Years captures the tale of an improbable but great statesman, the activities of their some time his momentous choices.


Featuring the abilities of David Adamczyk,
Kathleen Ashwill, Todd Fuller, Drew McCabe, Mary Moebius, Betsy Bittar, Franklin LaVoie, Joni Russ and Leonard Ziolkowski as Pinocchio

A version of classic tale from the brand new Phoenix Theatre business. Set in the long term, in a post-apocalyptic Buffalo, war rages on... For the people fortunate to nevertheless be alive, refuge from war must certanly be positioned.buffalo gal In an abandoned westside theater, shelter is available, with an extremely senior man.
He informs a tale of life's creation, and the exasperating conceit when trying to help make plans when it comes to unexpected twists and turns, and want to do using presents that you don't know you currently had.


Featuring Richard Lambert, Candace Whitefield and Jimi McMaster

buffalo galA grieving husband hires a dying, clairvoyant girl to produce a note to their recently deceased partner inside afterlife. When he obtains letters describing occasions that just their wife could know, he must determine if the communication is from a con singer or if his partner has actually returned from grave as a 20-year-old guy.


Featuring Betsy Bittar and Marc-Jon Filippone

Peg and Irv, two mature seniors, endeavor to the realm of modern relationship and discover that love is not any easier the next time around. A romantic comedy about life's 2nd work and discovering you are never ever too-old becoming youthful.

Performances on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8.00PM

GENERAL ADMISSION $30.00; STUDENTS, SENIORS AND PRO COURTESY (artists and industry) $20.00

Sponsored by M&T Bank.

Tickets and additional information are had through
our box office line and web site:

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