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In 2011, the Arizona Legislature passed legislation providing Arizona homeowners and condominium and in the offing neighborhood organizations (HOA’s) a venue for solving disputes. These administrative processes supply an alternative to the civil court system and don't reduce protection under the law associated with the parties to help expand realize things. This legislation became law on July 20, 2011.

In 2016, the Arizona Legislature passed legislation going the home owners Association (HOA) Dispute Process to your Arizona Department of real-estate (ADRE). Backlink to legislation The Arizona Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) will accept all instances as called because of the ADRE, and set up a Hearing day before an Administrate Law Judge (ALJ).

  • Have got all ways settlement using other celebration been tried (in other words, Mediation)?
  • Review the Dispute Resolution process
  • Review the details in Petition type which can be found on this web site (see above right).
  • Only an owner or relationship may Petition the division for a hearing.
  • An owner’s Petition (grievance) must be with regards to a dispute amongst the owner while the association. (cannot register against someone or specific Board member). A connection’s Petition (grievance) must be with regards to a dispute between the organization while the owner.
  • The Department cannot accept Petitions (issues) recorded by or against tenants, non-owners, administrators, representatives, various other property owners or neighborhood management businesses.
  • a partial or incorrect Petition cannot be prepared, and will be gone back to Petitioner.
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