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Information and sources from the City of Scottsdale Sign Ordinance, sign needs and restrictions, sign permit application analysis and procedure, sign assessments, and master indication programs. Choose from the subjects and sources the following:


CASE: 2-TA-2016

The town of Scottsdale is organizing a text amendment to your Zoning Ordinance which will amend the requirements for short-term signs, semi-permanent indications, and remove function indication laws from the Zoning Ordinance.
Instance Information Sheet

The City can be organizing a text amendment into the Scottsdale Revised Code that will update and include other dressing up event sign regulations into part 22 associated with Scottsdale Revised Code.
Unique Events Indications Change Information


Grand Opening Banners
Prohibited Temporary (Unlawful Signs)
Obtainable, Lease, Rent & Open Home
Garage, Backyard & Estate Product Sales


Whenever an indicator license is required, relative to , this section describes the permit application needs, plan review times and examination procedure:

The City of Scottsdale One Stop Shop will not process partial sign permit applications.

  • Reference Page 3 of 5 associated with the Sign Permit Application for minimal submittal needs.
  • Arizona Senate Bill 1598 (A.R.S. § 9-835(D)) calls for an Administrative Evaluation & Acceptance at the One avoid Shop of license programs prior to a Substantive Review.
  • Substantive Evaluation schedule: 7 calendar times (every analysis).
  • The One Stop store cannot offer over-the-counter sign review services.
  • Following the sign allow application analysis is authorized, the applicant is contacted by the One Stop Shop to pick-up the approved plans.
  • A sign permit examination card is granted into the applicant.


Once a license is issued, applicant has 180 days to search for the first examination and/or license will expire. Each proceeding examination must happen within 180 days of the latest assessment. A fee is required to reinstate an expired license.

  • Following the installation, the candidate schedules an assessment through the Inspection Services Department.
  • A City Building Inspector visits the website so that the sign(s) tend to be put in in conformity using authorized programs.


Most commercial advancements in Scottsdale are governed by a Master Sign plan (MSP). The purpose of a MSP will be provide constant indication design and placement requirements for building and freestanding indications. All signage included inside the development tend to be to comply with the design criteria founded by the Master Sign plan.

  • Some advancements might not have a Master Sign Program.
  • Make use of the supplied search options below to check if a development features a MSP.
  • Always consult with the house owner or home administration business to check if there is a duplicate the growth’s MSP on-file.


Master Sign Plan Case File Search
Research MS, SA or DR instance Type with ‘Master Sign Program’ or ‘MSP’ in the case title.

  • MS – Master Sign System
  • SA – Team Approval
  • DR – Development Assessment Board


Online Map
Search a place of City for information on master sign programs, development situations, program product reviews, creating permits and code enforcement notices.

  • Filter the date range. The sooner the day, the more probable search strikes (ex: to today’s time).
  • Click the located area of the development to show a list of search hits.
  • Master Sign tools tend to be called “Cases” as indicated by a purple symbol regarding chart.
  • Choose MS, SA, or DR instances with ‘Master Sign Program’ or ‘MSP’ in the case name.
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