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Current Requests for Household Architecture Businesses in Phoenix, Arizona:

Project Location: phoenix, AZ 85031

Date: 02/2017

Venture Type: New structure

Building Kind: House

Request Stage: Willing To Hire

Desired Completion Date: not as much as 2 months

Comment: brand new 2 story household 2000 sf

Venture Location: Phoenix, AZ 85016

Venture Type: total remodel (with or without inclusion)

Venture Venue: Phoenix, AZ 85041

Project Venue: Phoenix, AZ 85020

Project kind: inclusion (two or more stories)

Requirements: Technical building papers

Approx. Budget (Fees + Building): $10, 000-$25, 000

Approx. Square footage: 1001 - 2000 square feet

Desired Completion Date: Timing is flexible

Historical Work: No

Property Owner: Yes

Comment: detached garage entrance from the street a fill-in master bedroom an additional tale over the complete area sitting atop the current master. the town has seen the sketches and generally are good with all the sq. foot to property ratio.

Project Location: Phoenix, AZ 85029

Project Kind: Inclusion (one story)

Project Location: Phoenix, AZ 85003

Requirements: Design drawings, Technical building documents, Permit assistance

Approx. Square footage: under 500 square feet

Request Stage: Planning & Budgeting

Historic Perform: Yes

Comment: I am trying to transform a preexisting backroom to a master restroom and include 500 sq foot (third bed room, washing). I will be being informed your first faltering step getting drawings finished. What sort of programs do i must work from and also publish for allowing? and do you know the expenses? Many thanks!

Approx. Budget (Costs + Construction): $50, 001-$100, 000

Approx. Square footage: 500 - 1000 square feet

Comment: i'm looking to hire a design firm to generate a permitable group of papers for a detached storage / work store. Venture calls for a retaining wall surface because the site has some pitch. The outside elevations is EIFS and stone.

Project Location: Phoenix, AZ 85032

Venture Description: Design - Create architectural drawings

Types of choice: walk out addition

Rooms Included:: Bathroom, Bedroom(s), Living/Family area

Requires Focus On Historic Construction: No

Request for Commercial Area: No

Comment: I'm not seeking support on my entire task. The only thing that i would like is for anyone to turn out and tell me if a specific wall surface is load-bearing, and how expensive it's going to be so that you can go said wall surface about 5 foot right back. Once again, all I need is actually for an expert to see a wall for me personally.

Project Venue: PHOENIX, AZ 85018

Venture Venue: Phoenix, AZ 85034

Date: 01/2017

Project kind: inside remodel of some rooms

Needs: Desire recommendation

Property Owner: No

Comment: renovating services

Project Venue: Phoenix, AZ 85086

Requirements: Design drawings, Technical construction documents, venture evaluation, Assist with variety of general contractor, Assessment construction, Would like recommendation, allow help

Approx. Budget (Fees + Building): $25, 001-$50, 000

Comment: must know in the event that inclusion to-be built over the garage is structurally possible and inexpensive. Then we have to get HOA approval.

Comment: single tale 2800 sq/ft

Building kind: Residential outbuilding (garage, etc)

Comment: include a new deck with pool over hill round the residence

Desired Completion Date: a lot more than 2 months

Opinion: A 38ft, three axle "Tiny home" with two spacious lofts, room upon ground floor, bathroom w/shower.A living room combination kitchen, mini split A/C, wood stove on one wall surface, propane regarding the other.Dormer roof all around except gable roof using one side for liquid catchment.

Venture Location: Phoenix, AZ 85017

Rooms Included:: Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom(s), Garage/Workshop, Living/Family space, Laundry/Mud area, Deck/Porch, Basement, Office(s)

Building Type: Condominum, apartment or town-house

Comment: Tear down and change existing buildings.

Project Venue: PHOENIX, AZ 85014

Comment: Enclose carport for huge laundry/utility roomRemodel kitchen / open wall to enhance kitchen area

Project Location: Phoenix, AZ 85008

Needs: Design drawings, Allow assistance

Comment: wish to build SFR on a great deal that i simply purchased.

Project Venue: Phoenix, AZ 85044

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