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HUD Housing Tucson AZ

All Housing and Community Development Department programs are limited by available capital.

Leasing support (vouchers) for suitable low-income people.

NOTE: The Section 8 Wait List is CLOSED until additional notice.

City had local rental housing for suitable low-income households, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities.

NOTE: Public Housing delay lists are SHUT until further notice.

Inexpensive leasing housing

Posadas Sentinel is a Site-Based affordable housing project.

Various other Sources (making City website)

Information on leasing housing readily available within Pima County and Tucson are obtainable at:

More information on affordable housing can also be offered by:

Home elevators other Federally subsidized programs can be accessed at: .

If you wish for more information on Section 8, be sure to find the website link for Section 8 system Information or contact the part 8 department by seeking the website link for Contact Section 8.

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