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Arizona Real Estate Academy

If you fail to wish to create the full packages as in the list above, you'll create the person courses below.

a detailed examination of the the different parts of a proper estate transaction.

3 hours of contract law $19.99

This course will offer an in depth evaluate all the real-estate rules agents must comply with.

3 hours Commissioner's criteria

This course will inform brokers about guidelines they should mandate within their brokerage being adhere to all Arizona statutes and laws and regulations.

This program has an increased exposure of Property control and covers methods a brokerage may use to supervise within a house management organization.

Recently, increasingly more courtroom instances are not only citing Arizona Statutes but our Code of Ethics and to attain a verdict on an instance. Understand how the Code of Ethics pertains to Arizona Statutes plus the Commissioner's Rules inside unique training course that no other college is offering.

3 hours of Commissioner's requirements
Fulfills NAR's Code of Ethics necessity

Many times per year an agent is accused of violating fair housing rules. Understand the principles and better shield yourself with this specific program.

3 hours of reasonable housing

Violating an Arizona Statute will bring you in a full world of trouble. Possess most often violated statutes told you to help you prevent your name showing up in the rear of the ADRE Bulletin under "violations."

3 hours of legal issues

Get another viewpoint on the growing home administration business.

3 hours of general

Comprehending the lending side of an actual property deal can give you an edge over your competitors. This can talk about the home loan industry and how it applies to a genuine property acquisition.

Having an extensive knowledge of different facets that affect a genuine estate exchange will make you a very desired representative. This program will explain in-detail superfund internet sites, water rights every agent should be aware and shape dilemmas.

3 hours of disclosure

This program describes the various method to represent a client.

3 hours of agency law
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